Years 3 & 4 Summer 2021

HAT Overview


W/c 12th April 2021

Off to a busy start, the team has received an email from the Head Zookeeper at Banham zoo.  As a valued client, who has been using our services to transport animals between their sister zoos for the past ten years, Percy Coleman has approached us in the hope that we might consider expanding our services in order to transport some exotic and endangered animals to international destinations.  Sadly, the zoo has been having financial difficulties due to the pandemic, lack of visitors and government support packages. This has been echoed by zoos, animal parks and farm parks across the UK and there seems to be an increased demand for animal transport in general.

In role, the team discusses the planning and logistics of such a huge undertaking.  So far, we’ve only transported domestic animals within the UK and are experts in this field.  Questions arise as to how we could expand our business.  As we were considering the possibility of “going global” anyway, Percy’s request seems like the perfect opportunity to scale up.  However, the team has lots of questions for Percy about which animals need transporting, where to, staff available to chaperone the animals and what the deadline is for the zoo closure.  The team decide to write back to Percy asking these questions before we can quote for the job and commit to the contract.

W/c 19th April 2021

Whilst the team awaits the answers we need from Percy Coleman, we’ve decided to expand our fleet of transport vehicles.  We have also designed a new company name and logo to best reflect what we do with a combination of

  • The world; to express our new global status
  • Happy animals; to reflect what we transport
  • A variety of vehicles: to show all the methods of transport we have at our disposal

After discussions, the team agreed that three uniformly sized vans/ trucks (small, medium and large) would best suit the needs of animals of all sizes and weights.

Out of role, we are currently planning, designing and making our new fleet of vehicles; making decisions about the size of the chassis, wheels, fixed or rotating axles and what features are needed to make it a comfortable journey for the animals in our care.

W/c 26th April 2021

So the team have been remembering some our most important successes throughout the last ten years within the company and has decided to make a, “Reasons to be Proud” notice board!  In role, we posed for our photos.  We then wrote about our memories.

W/c 10th May 2021

The team has become aware that one of the animals Percy has asked us to transport has been identified as a very volatile due a high profile incident at Banham Zoo.  This changes how we need to deal with this particular animal.

The team discusses the incident and works out a plan for how to make Bokita more comfortable during her transportation back to Uganda.

W/c 17th May

In a company meeting this week, the team has decided that to make Bokita feel more comfortable, less stressed and calm, that we should start preparing her transport container.  We investigated the montane ecosystem she will be returned to in the Bwindi Impenetrable Park and found suitable foliage and food for her to travel with.

Along with our preparations we have also found out that it will not be possible to transport any of our animals by air due to covid travel restrictions.  We will now be making a two month voyage aboard the container ship, Afuga.  We have all be invited to sign up for the trip.  It will include long shifts, high seas and lots of international shipping ports.  But some of us are a bit hesitant to leave our families and friends for that long……

W/c 24 May 2021

The team have been making plans for the voyage and ensuring that the animals in our care are ready for transport.  Health checks, welfare checks and documents have all been signed off.  It’s finally the morning of departure and in role; we share our feelings about looking up at the gigantic container ship, Afuga, looming in front of us…

“I feel nervous because I get seasick.  I hope I’ll be ok.”

“I’m feeling excited as this is a huge career opportunity for me and I’m hoping for a promotion!”

“I’m here because the money is good.  I don’t want to leave my family for that long though.”

“As I stare up at the Afuga, I feel tiny like an ant.  I’m excited to be doing the thing I love most; looking after animals!”

“I feel tiny!  The ship is huge.  I didn’t imagine it would be so big!”

“I feel anxious as the Titanic sank and the animals won’t be able to save themselves!”

The team thought about what we need to pack.  We are allowed to

take two luxury items with us due to space constraints.  Then we wrote diary entries about our feelings.

W/c 7 June 2021

We have been researching container ships and have found out lots of interesting facts.  The team decided to make the ship look like it had been cut down the middle so we can see the cabins inside.  Here are a few examples.  Can you guess what they are?!

W/c 14 June 2021

Years Three and Four were delighted to receive some new maths games this week! The children have been exploring various games which have been chosen specifically to promote mathematical thinking and problem solving skills, spatial awareness, logic and strategy.
In small groups the children got a chance to spend some time exploring the games:
Rush Hour, Lunar Landing, Blokus, Shut the box, Abalone, Octi, Mastermind & Space Master.