About Bealings School

Bealings School is a small village primary school of 107 pupils. We have 4 classes, with 10 teachers and 6 teaching assistants and help from parents and friends of our school.

We aim for an atmosphere of friendly co-operation, while celebrating our individuality!

Our school has 4 main classrooms, a hall, an activity area, an outdoor activity area for Early Years and a veranda and sculpture garden. There is a large, tree shaded playing field and on the other side of our grounds, wooden play equipment.



We highly value the particular qualities added to our school by visiting artists, musicians, storytellers. These have included Peter Dixon, Rory McLeod , Hugh Lupton, TUUP, Duncan Williamson, Paul Jackson, Kate Stephens, Michael Platt, Luke Abbott and in the past Dorothy Heathcote.