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School Meeting

Community meetings are one of the major ways in which we govern ourselves.

Each week the school meets in the hall to discuss suggestions for improvements and to form decisions based on a whole school consensus.

The meeting is always chaired by one of the 10 or 11 year-olds and brief minutes are taken on one of our iPads.


Everyone joins in, from 5 to 11, and some important changes have occurred as a result:

-freedom to choose what to wear to school (no uniform)

-freedom to call everyone by their first name, including teachers

-outdoor table-tennis table

-school dog


-year 6s to be called Guardians and to have extra responsibilities in the running of the school


The meetings reveal children who are prepared to listen carefully, argue effectively and persuasively and show a good sense of humour! All meetings end with various votes of thanks and on a positive note!