Study Day Visits

First Mantle of the Expert Training School from 2004

Due to the number of visitors we have been welcoming over recent years, we now organise  days  for visits.

Next Study Visit Day:  TBA

Please talk to us if you would like to come, you can telephone or email the school office.

We make a charge to cover our costs for the day.  Lunch is provided.

A Community of Enquiry:

If you’re visiting us we think it works best to see everyone learning through our Mantle of the Expert approaches in the morning, have a good discussion over lunch and then, in the afternoon, “unravel” the learning that went on in the morning, have a discussion about learning in this way and then, if you would like, offer support materials to get you started on your own versions!

  • Overview of Mantle of the Expert
  • School in Action
  • Trial materials pack, including a copy of the DVD “Community of Enquiry Approaches to Learning at Bealings School”, a film commissioned by QCA about Bealings
  • Discussions with practitioners tailored to your needs
  • Includes lunch

Cost: £100 (to cover supply costs to release staff and cover costs of materials, research and lunch! etc).

To book please phone 01473 622376