Music is a vitally important part of life and we want to benefit from as wide a range of musical experience as possible at school.

We want it to be experienced in all its fabulous and various forms and to offer as many opportunities as possible to make music.

We have many different kinds of drums, like bodhran and djembe, percussion instruments from around the world, stringed instruments like guitar, mandolin, kora, violin, pianos and keyboards. We benefit hugely from visits by musicians, singers, songwriters and have written and performed songs and instrumental pieces. One of our main aims is to encourage a love of music and singing in many different forms, for life, not just for performance.

The children are free to play instruments during their breaktimes, and our key stage two piano is used freely by the children to create their own music and teach each other songs that they are interested in learning. This is done with no intervention from the adults around and there is rarely a playtime where the sound of piano keys can’t be heard.

Bealings teacher and musician, Alice Hood teaches ukulele and guitar.

All Year 4 pupils are loaned a ukulele for the year, as well as all Year 5s a guitar. Each child in these year groups receive free weekly tuition from Bealings teacher and local musician, Alice Hood. If after these two years, any Year 6 children wish to continue with their guitar lessons, Alice also provides free tuition for anyone that wants it.