Music is a vitally important part of life and we want to benefit from as wide a range of musical experience as possible at school.

We want it to be experienced in all its fabulous and various forms and to offer as many opportunities as possible to make music.

We have many different kinds of drums, like bodhran and djembe, percussion instruments from around the world, stringed instruments like guitar, mandolin, kora, violin, pianos and keyboards. We benefit hugely from visits by musicians, singers, songwriters and have written and performed songs and instrumental pieces. One of our main aims is to encourage a love of music and singing in many different forms, for life, not just for performance.

Musician Alice Hood teaches ukulele and guitar.

Year 4 will have Ukulele lessons every Thursday morning Music Tuition Aut 2021 Ukulele

Year 5 will have Guitar lessons every Friday afternoon Music Tuition Aut 2021 Guitar

Potentially there could be a Year 6 guitar club if there is enough interest. Please let the school know if your year 6 child would like to attend.

Year 5 and 6 class orchestra – July 2011
On the last day of term, July 21st 2011, years 5/6 did an orchestra with Miss Julia Walshaw (as the conducter) in the school hall.
Everybody took part in years 5/6 even though not everybody plays an instrument.
The instruments that were played were: flutes, clarinets, guitars,violins, piano/keyboard, snare drums, other drums and the leaders percussion.
The music that was played was called Tango and Cha cha.
There were a lot of people that came, who really enjoyed it!!!
      Report by
      Olivia and Ella.P
Music in school by Rory, Year 5:
 Years 5&6 are free to join clubs in which we learn music.
These go from clarinet to guitar, and prove an important part
in later life. Clarinet, guitar, violin, flute, these are great instruments
to learn, and offer many choices later, choosing a job. I myself do clarinet&
guitar, both of which I love. Guitars: Great in many aspects, most bands have two or more guitar players ( e.g lead, bass) and a very famous
Clarinet: The jam for the sandwich. Most orchestras wouldn’t
be without one of these. It proves a great instrument, good for a nice
peaceful melody, and can be used for jazz. Also great if you want to go
on to other woodwind instruments ( e.g saxophone) because they prove alike.
Violin: The sorrowful, happy, slow, fast instrument of old. It’s soothing sound is peaceful, and calming, and has pleased many royalty in it’s time.
Flute: A woodwind that does not ask to be grand. It is a nice and is used
( usually) in an orchestra.
All of these are good instruments, and are helpful talents later on in life.
Violin club – by Isis, Year 5:
I play the violin with my teacher, Julia Walshaw.  I really love playing the violin because it gives off such beautiful sound. You may think that naming my violin is a bit weird but it plays such a important role in my lifestyle. Her name’s Melody and I play her with pride! It has sounded especially jolly because it’s been near to christmas! Me, Emily, and Saskia all play the violin. And another girl in my class would really like to do it. I think it’s a really good simple instrument to play because:
  • It’s only got 4 strings
  • you don’t need big lungs or breaths
  • it’s quite small and easy to carry!