Bealings Cafe

Four dishes with glasses and flowers, fresh cucumber

In 2022 we reformed our food provision here at Bealings: by taking the running of the cafe in-house, we were able to ensure higher quality and tastier food.

Now we have locally sourced, delicious, nutritious and well cooked food every single day thanks to Chef Eilidh and her team: parents Sadie, Cat, Hannah and Chris.

The children, with the help of school gardener Wendy, grow some of the ingredients for our food in our raised beds and poly tunnel!

The ParentMail app is used to book and pay for the children’s meals. You can click the link below to view the latest menus.

LATEST MENU – September 2023

Did you know Bealings Cafe has its own Instagram page? @bealings_cafe

Some examples of our delicious food (left to right): macaroni cheese with beetroot and carrot salad, broccoli and toasted seeds; creamy coconut and pumpkin dal with basmati rice and salad; cheesy crispy polenta with spelt pasta, ragu and seasonal vegetables; Eilidh’s chicken curry with rice, peas and raita; night sky chocolate brownie.

We make sure there are a few optional parts to the meals so children can adapt them – for example additional pesto in soup. And there is always fresh bread, vegetables and fruit as well.

Our newly refurbished cafe interior. The space is really important.


Year 5/6 children working with our art teacher, Kate Stephens, to improve the exterior of our cafe.


Following the East Suffolk Council Food Safety and Hygiene inspection, Bealings has been given a Food Hygiene rating of 5!