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We believe:

HOW we are learning is as important as WHAT we are learning and we want that learning to be engaging, enjoyable and meaningful!

EVERYONE, children and adults, in our school community is a learner

the atmosphere which fosters the most effective learning to be a relaxed and happy one where we are also absorbed in tasks which are relevant to our needs

We believe in making mistakes! It’s OK! This is a learning place!

It is often best to learn in a realistic context where there are valid REASONS for learning new skills and concepts

We will begin from WHERE the CHILDREN are in their understanding and design activities based on THE CHILD’S POINT OF VIEW (how do they view the world, what is important to them?)

The children are encouraged to take on responsibility for their own learning

All the usual subject matter is taught in a variety of ways.

Sometimes through a Mantle of the Expert drama, sometimes through another realistic learning context springing from a practical stimulus which has grabbed everbody’s interest: the time the chicks hatched, or when we found the biggest puddle, or the crater that appeared on the field, or the mysterious postcards that we began to receive from 100 years ago… and so on

This is what we believe to be creative teaching, not something that we get off the internet, or something that happens every Friday afternoon, but something that is at the core of our curriculum!