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FOBS – Friends of Bealings

All parents are automatically members of the Friends of Bealings School (FOBS) who annually elect a committee to organise many enjoyable fund-raising and social events. Please do participate in whatever way you can – our children will benefit from funds we raise and of course we will all have fun raising them!

Coming up – the calendar!

The Bealings Calendar 2024 is happening. For new parents, this is how it works. All children born within the same month are given a theme and they come to school wearing something linked to that theme. The children are photographed on a certain day in November and the twelve photos are put together to create a calendar that is sold to raise funds for the school.

This year’s overall theme is SCIENCE and we are going to create Bealings’ very own ‘Life Scientific’.

Here are the sciences for each month with some ideas to help you:


Anything historical that we’ve discovered – like Greek, Roman, Egyptian costumes, shipwrecks and buried treasure – especially jewellery, as well as dressing up as an archaeologist with tools and equipment [January]
Astronomy Space travel, satellites, telescopes, stars, planets [February]
Botany Anything to do with plants – trees, flowers, roots, underground, food, water/heat/light, gardening [March]
Chemistry All the elements – aluminium, gold, iron; states of matter i.e. ice and chemical reactions. Experiments, compounds (H2O)… [April]
Ecology Green, organic clothes, solar panels, wind turbines, reusable items like water bottles, recycled costumes out of plastic bags, cardboard [May]
Entomology Insects, so – bees and ladybirds, dragonflies and spiders. Spiders webs and metamorphosis. [June]
Geology Soil, strata, layers, the moon, lava, volcanoes, fossils, minerals and gem stones (diamonds!) [July]
Meteorology Weather and climate – clouds, rain, heat, wind, weather forecasting, maps, common symbols like the ‘sun’ symbol etc [August]
Oceanography Anything marine – sea blue, waves, underwater, divers, marine biology, coral reefs, seaweed, even shipwrecks [September]
Ornithology Birds, bird spotters, nests and other habitats like trees. Don’t forget the penguins. [October]
Technology Computers, headphones – anything that does anything to solve a problem like torches, tools (safe ones), machines (washing machine!)… [November]
Zoology Animals – from cats to kangaroos, elephants to iguanas. [December]


It is absolutely fine if you don’t want your child photographed because of preferences around permissions. All children can still come in costume of course. And if you want to go simple (e.g. a grey t-shirt for a rock) then that is completely fine. Make it work for you.

We think the date for this day (when the photographer is in school) will be Monday 13th November. We are awaiting final confirmation. It will definitely be around that time in November. 

Wine Tasting Event

Friday 24th November, 7.30 pm, All Saints Church

More information, click here

Fundraising for 2023

What we were raising money for?

This year we are fundraising for sets of iPads for each class. Currently the whole school shares one set and these are now getting rather old. By having a set for each class the children will be able to more easily access and continue saved work (a particular benefit for KS2 SEND pupils who use the iPads to support their writing), as well as take full responsibility for their own class iPads.

How are we raising money?

The half term cake sale run by the Year 6s always brings in a nice amount, as well as the Year 6 Hoodies sold at the beginning of each year and the annual Christmas cards.

After a Covid induced hiatus, the Bealings Calendar is back! The whole school features in this annual calendar produced by FOBs and money is raised via sponsorship as well as sales.

For the first time this year, FOBs organised a Lunar New Year Party for all the children and their families. The disco was held at the Village Hall, with games, face painting, a bar for parents, as well as delicious food by chef and Bealings parent, Korean Kitchen (@kimchicrazy).

Thank you to everyone that helped to raise a whopping £788!

How else can we help?

Do you buy on-line?

YES – Then you can earn money for Bealings with the EASYFUNDRAISING on-line scheme via your purchases – please click this Easyfundraising letter for more information or follow the link to register and start raising money for free http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/bealingsschool





FOBS update 4th October 2023

FOBS Meeting MINUTES – 27 June 2023

FOBS Meeting Mon 6th March MINUTES

FOBS Meeting MINUTES- 9th Nov 2022

FOBS Committee Members

We would like to introduce you to the 2023/24 FOBS committee:

Chair – Alice Hobday

Vice Chair – Anna Harris-Noble

Treasurer – Harriet Attle

Secretary – Heather Chandler

Fundraising Coordinator – Barbara Brennan