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Human (British) Values

British Values – or Human Values, as we prefer to call them – are embedded in our time here, each and every day.

Human (British) Values and how they’re experienced at Bealings:


Our community meeting and the fictional contexts that we co-create give the children the opportunity to work within a democratic community every moment of the day. They learn to use their voices whilst considering the needs and feelings of others, bringing about change to the world around them.

Rule of Law

At Bealings we do not have a rewards and sanctions policy, there are no house points and the is no suppressive teacher/pupil relationship. Instead, the power to govern is shared by all. By actively participating in our weekly meeting, each pupil learns to reflect on our daily lives at Bealings and what changes can be made to ensure that everyone can feel safe and happy. If rules are needed they are not set from above; instead, the rules are created by the children and staff together; it is then everyone’s responsibility to follow them for the good of the community.

Respect and Tolerance 

Within our fictional organisations, children are able to come across citizens of the world of all different ages, genders, marital status, disabilities, race, colour, ethnicities, nationalities and religions. As a result, we are able to bring the diverse world to our little village. Children form relationships with these characters they meet; they help them, work for them, question them, become them. The development of their empathetic skills ensures they leave us as respectful and tolerant individuals.

Individual Liberty

Whether it be through the school meeting or the fictional organisations they run, our children are given as much liberty as we are able to afford them whilst keeping them safe and fulfilling our statutory duties. Children are given a voice and are free to express their opinions and make suggestions for change. They do this with respect and kindness, preparing them to be free citizens of the world.