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Recognition of our work

Current: University of Sussex

Lecturer in Education at the University of Sussex, Kevin Holland, is this year embarking on his PhD and will be writing an 80,000 word thesis on the methods of Bealings. Initial interviews with staff and children have already taken place and Kevin will return in the summer to begin his observations of our work. We very much look forward to the findings of this independent research.



The pioneering approaches at Bealings have attracted world-wide interest, research and support:

Offered Beacon Status in the 2000’s , Bealings develops out-reach/ in-reach training for teachers across Suffolk and beyond eg

Danish teachers visiting in October 2018, 2019, 2021 and returning in 2023

2006-10 Duncan joined a team of 5 Headteachers working with the DFE’s QCA to design an innovative curriculum plan utilising many Bealings’ approaches.

Keynote addresses include:

British Council; Institute of Education;

Universities: Newcastle, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, UEA, Toronto, Roehampton.

Annual Headteacher conferences including: Oxfordshire , Hampshire, Berkshire, Islington, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Newcastle, Wiltshire.

We have trained teachers in Denmark, US, New Zealand, Palestine and across England and Wales

By 2022, 6000+ educationalists, student-teachers, researchers and film-makers had visited Bealings from countries including Australia, Palestine, Nepal, India, Ireland, Spain, US, France, Netherlands, Finland, Romania, Nigeria, and Denmark!

Bealings features in several films on innovative learning for the 21st century

In October 2021 Duncan accepted an Honorary Degree from University Suffolk for the Pioneering Innovations In Learning by the Bealings Team


Oxford School of Thought

Oxford School of Thought

The Oxford School of Thought is a primary education think tank – the first of its kind in the UK. They aim to improve the practice of all educators, examine the impact on and relationship with other phases of education and explore the generation of new ideas through rigorous research, analysis and opinion. Through these activities they help to better inform the public, improve education for children and hold policy- and decision-makers to account.

Bealings was invited to feature as part of their Big Ideas initiative.

Click the image below to watch the two films about Mantle of the Expert and Assessment at Bealings.



Home - Summerhill Festival of Childhood

Bealings was invited to speak at the Summerhill Festival of Childhood (both online and at the live festival which formed part of the International Democratic Education Conference). Click below to watch the online interview with Henry Redhead.

University of Suffolk

In honour of his visionary work in education, the University of Suffolk has made Duncan an Honorary Graduate, and he was invited to give the keynote graduation speech to the 2021 cohort of newly qualified teachers. Duncan accepted this accolade on behalf of the whole Bealings team.


We were visited by a young family of Spanish film-makers (Instagram @noesunaescuela) who were travelling the World visiting alternative education communities that encourage freedom and true passion for learning. Click image to view film.