Years 1 & 2 Autumn 2020

W/c 7th September 2020

This term we are a postal delivery service company.  A large pile of addressed boxes were discovered in the middle of the room as the children came into the classroom on the first day. As the children settled in on the first few days, we all were wondering what the boxes were there for. What were we to do with them? Together we decided that our job must be to deliver them, and so our company emerged.

We held a vote to decide on the company name – ‘Catch-A-Parcel’. No parcel too big or too small for us to deliver! We have been organising our offices and vehicles, along with learning how to do different company jobs.

W/c 14th and 25th September 2020

As we were developing our Delivery Office, and the different roles, the children began to talk about the various modes of transport used to make deliveries. We worked together to develop a map showing some of the delivery routes. We have also continued to develop and resource our Delivery Office; labelling the boxes and sacks for sorting the parcels and letters, making signs including opening times and the noticeboard, making a till, computer and safe.

W/c 5th and 12th October 2020
A letter was found in our tree. It was quite a large envelope, so imagine our surprise when we opened it and inside was the smallest envelope. With the help of a magnifying glass we were able to read the letter, and we discovered that there are a community of pixies living under the floorboards of the hall. The pixies are asking for our help as a delivery company to deliver a letter to the community of pixies at the bottom of the field, as their leader has been blown away during the building works and they need to know if they have seen them.
Such excitement! We have been listening carefully, ears to the ground for any sound the pixies might make, and have written signs warning people not to step on any squeaky floorboards as this would be far too loud for the pixies below. Close observation around the hall has been carried out for any signs of them, and these, together with places that the pixies may use to come up into the room, have been plotted on maps.

This letter has prompted many questions – which field do we need to deliver a letter to, how did the pixies manage to write on and deliver the large envelope, what size are the pixies, how many pixies are living under our floorboards, would they be prepared to meet us?
We are now writing letters (tiny, of course) asking these and other questions, and are at the design stage of inventing a machine that will shrink us down to the pixies size, and also magnify the pixies. So far there are plans to incorporate tubes, pipes, steering wheels, steam funnels…