Reception Spring 2020

Animal Rehoming Centre

W/c 6th January 2020

We talked about how at Christmas Time many dogs and puppies are given as gifts without thinking about what keeping them involves. I showed the children an article from the R.S.P.C.A which told of how hundreds of these animals end up without a home and in their care.

What is the R.S.P.C.A?

A discussion followed where children shared their understanding.

2 Little Puppies were left at the School Office

Our discussion the previous day was overheard by someone and they left their 2 puppies for us to look after.

This delivery left us with a problem to solve, how can we help these dogs?

W/c 13th January 2020

Through role play the children begin to explore Bealings Rehoming Centre and care for the 2 abandoned dogs in preparation for an inspection from the RSPCA allowing us to open to the public.
more to follow……

W/c 20th January 2020

Caring for the 2 abandoned dogs

Weighing food for the dogs in Bealings Rehoming Centre


W/c 27th January 2020

A discovery is made!

Two dogs were found abandoned tied to the shed in our outdoor area.

The children are excited and eager to care for them in Bealings Rehoming Centre.

W/c 3rd February 2020

The children have worked together to prepare food suitable for small, medium and
big dogs
Feeding time at the centre involves selecting the food appropriate to the dogs
Profiles are created in preparation for the rehoming of the dogs

CHINESE NEW YEAR – Reception , Year 1 & Year 2


For two consecutive afternoons, children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 have worked together to learn about Chinese New Year.  They worked collaboratively to make a spectacular Chinese New Year dragon which you will find in the school hall.  They drew their own colourful Chinese dragons using pastels.  They also made folded paper dragons and lucky money bags.  We sang a Chinese New Year song and listened to the story of the Chinese New Year.  There was a race across the river and the Chinese calendar was formed by the order in which the animals got across the river. This year it is the Year of the Rat.  KUNG HEI FAT CHOi! (which means ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese)

W/c 10th February 2020

The employees at Bealings Rehoming Centre ( Reception children) have been busy caring for the 4 dogs that are now at the centre .
A delivery is made to the school office and is immediately brought to us at the Rehoming Centre.
This delivery created a new problem for us to solve when we opened the basket.
A discussion followed where the children shared their thoughts and ideas.
A decision is made to keep the kittens.
We quickly worked together to create a safe place to care for the kittens.
W/c 24th February 2020
We have been sent twin puppies to look after as the puppies are sick and need our expertise care and attention.
Each child has created their own combination to unlock the safe and medication will be checked, counted and logged daily to ensure both the puppies are kept away from the medication for their own safety.
The children are using role play to administer medicine to the sick puppies. Through this they are developing an understanding of safe practices when using medication.
W/c 9th March 2020
A kitten was brought to Bealings Rehoming Centre . It was found beside the road and had been knocked down by a car.
The vets carefully examined the kitten and an X-Ray was taken . It was discovered that the kitten had broken its leg.