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Staff Members

At Bealings, we try to provide a rich range of learning experiences. We have 2 full-time teachers, 5 part-time teachers and 6 Learning Support Assistants. We also benefit from excellent support from parents and members of our local community.

Children begin their school days in the small reception class with Joy Lowe. The children start the foundation stage here. The experiences the children have in their first year are crucial in encouraging confidence, a happy attitude, an enquiring mind, and a love of learning. We want to encourage learning for life and so it is so important that the children are happy, secure and that learning is fun.

Joy Lowe teaches Early Years

Trish Brinkley & Rebecca Burch teach years 1 & 2

Claire Robinson teaches years 3 & 4

Kelly McLoughlin and Helen Keep teach years 5 & 6

SENCO – Kelly McLoughlin

The Senior Designated person for Safeguarding is Duncan Bathgate.  The Alternate is Kelly McLoughlin or Joy Lowe


Bealings School – Governing Body Structure Autumn 2019

Whole Governing body                   Term  of Office ends                Appointed by

Mr Rick Gillingham                                          09.05.2022                                     LA 


Finance Committee

Learning & Achievement committee


Mr Stephen Hicks  

Vice Chair                                                         31.7.19                                                LA

Hearings Committee

Finance Chair & Premises Committee

Learning and Achievement Committee

Headteachers’s Performance Review Group


Mrs Min Clough                                             22.10.2019                                         Co-opted

Special Educational Needs & Looked After children

Hearings Committee – Chair


Craig Robinson                                         24.01.21                                                  Parent

Learning & Achievement Committee


Mr Duncan Bathgate                                     Headteacher                                      Staff

Finance Committee

Learning & Achievement Committee

Personnel & Communications Committee


Mrs Kelly McLoughlin                                    Teacher                                             Staff

Learning & Achievement committee


Kerry Stapleton                                          03.01.2023                                           Co-opted


Personnel & Communications Committee

Appeals Committee


 Luke Abbott                              01.02.2023                                            Co-opted