Reception Spring 2021

W/c 18th January 2021
This week Reception have been inspired by the famous artist Andy Goldsworthy.
They were set a challenge to go on a scavenger hunt in either their own gardens or local environment to find natural materials to create their own Andy Goldsworthy inspired creation.
Using the natural materials that the children found on their scavenger hunt they were asked to create stick characters.
They will now use these stick characters to develop ,write and tell their own stories.
The children used their choice of twigs or leaves to practice their number work.
They counted either 20 leaves or twigs and were challenged to write their independent number lines each day (as far as they could go to reinforce their number recognition).
W/c 1st February 2021
This week we have been thinking about setting up a farm café and shop in our outdoor area.
The children are creating their own shops and investigating money in readiness for this.
We have also been thinking about creating a garden full of special discoveries and this week the children are creating stone snakes to hide in their gardens.
This activity provides many opportunities for learning such as the use of mathematical language when deciding how long to make their snakes and counting how many stones they use for their snake.
It also provides an opportunity to learn about camouflage and what this means and habitats ( where would a snake live?).
The children are also enjoying cooking and preparing food with their parents and from this creating a Lockdown Recipe Book to share with their friends.
Throughout this activity they have been thinking about the foods they will sell at the farm café and shop.
They have also been thinking about healthy and unhealthy foods and understanding the importance of eating a healthy diet (although it is also fine to have a sweet treat).
Cooking also provides the children an opportunity to think about and explore weight and measure.
W/c 22nd February 2021
We have been investigating time by creating stone clocks in our gardens.
Following our time investigations we thought about opening and closing times for our farm café and farm shop and created posters.
We enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt in our gardens and local environment.
We enjoyed creating our own imaginary seed packets and seeds to sell in our farm shop
W/c 1st March 2021
While investigating insects in our gardens and local environments we decided to look closely at Ladybirds.
We discovered that a Ladybird is symmetrical; it has the same number of spots on each wing. We used this to explore doubling.
As Spring fast approaches we continued our investigations focusing on the growth of the flowers in our gardens and local environments.
We looked closely at the different parts of a flower and counted leaves, petals etc. and also looked at the length of the stem and leaves (a chance to use mathematical language).
We have been thinking about the things we have been missing whilst in Lockdown and things we are looking forward to doing once we are all back together again.
The children who have been at school are very excited for the return of their friends and have worked collaboratively to create a poster.
W/c 15th March 2021
We have decided on a name for our farm shop and café and have worked collaboratively to create this wonderful sign.
More to follow…