Reception Autumn 2020

W/c 14th September 2020
And so it begins …
We shared our first Julia Donaldson story and enjoyed exploring media to create our own representations of the Gruffalo and other characters from the book.
W/c 21st September 2020
The deep dark wood is coming to life
W/c 28th September 2020
The Gruffalo has stepped into our classroom.
The children shared their thoughts of what he was doing or who he was looking for:-
W/c 5th October 2020
From the children’s thoughts and ideas we decided that the Gruffalo was trying to find The Gruffalo Child Cave School to pick up his child .We created a cave school complete with cave paintings and a map to show him the way through the deep dark wood .
W/c 12th October 2020
This week we shared Julia Donaldson’s book The Paper Dolls.
We thought about how we are all unique and we shared some special memories that they already have.
The children created their own set of paper dolls and also worked collaboratively on a big set.
W/c 19th October 2020
This week we focused on The Smartest Giant in Town.
We shared the story then created our own giant using Olivia’s shadow.
We chose the tallest child, Olivia following an investigation of height.
We also had the first chance to explore and investigate shadows and we will return to this at a later date.