Young Art East Anglia Competition

Bealings School took part in the Young Art East Anglia Competition 2019.

We are pleased to announce that 7 pictures were chosen to be exhibited at the ‘Extraordinary Adventures’ exhibition at the Peter Pears Gallery in Aldeburgh during March this year.

We can further congratulate 5 other pupils who have been awarded a 1st, 3rd Prize or highly commended by the judge of this year’s Young Art East Anglia Exhibition, Sophie Elinor Martin.


Paris art study visit – May 2011

In 2011 year 5 and 6 went on a school trip to Paris. The trip was based on art, and I think that everyone who went really enjoyed it! To get there, we went on the Eurostar. The journey was long and quite boring, but it was worth the wait! As soon as we got into Gare du Nord we headed to our hotel via several Metro trips. The hotel was set in a typical French street, with lots of shops based next to the road and a tram rail going through the middle of the road. Near the hotel there is a restaurant, and the food there was really nice. Each day we had a different meal from them. Also near the hotel there was a pretty large park with lots of paths going through splendid displays of plants, trees, flowers, and other greenery.

The next day we took a trip on the Metro to the famous, known worldwide gem of Paris… the Eiffel Tower. The view from it was amazing, and many people quickly whipped out their cameras to film and photograph the moment. You can see the thousands of buildings and monuments from just the second floor, so guess what it’s like at the top! I personally did not go to the top of the tower, but many people did, and according to them it is simply breathtaking.

The same day we went on a boat named the Bateau Mouche along the River Seine, and we drew the things we saw on the way. When I saw their work I was surprised at how many good artists there are in the class! After our boating adventure we went back to our hotel- Paris Orleans. After doing our own stuff for a little bit, we headed to the restaurant for another surprisingly good meal.

The day after that we went to several galleries, such as L’Orangerie (housing Monet’s art) and The Museum Of Modern Art (housing lots of different pieces of art by various artists, but we saw Matisse’s art). Both galleries had amazing paintings, and we drew most of them. Nearby L’Orangerie we also saw the famous Arc de Triumph. The same day we went to the area of Montmartre and bought some things- and for most people, this included a beret. After buying our things, we headed to the Montmartre itself. Lots of people took out their camera to take photos and films of the massive white church looming over us. Also, there were statues on pillars next to the steps leading up to the entrance of Montmartre. Well, they looked like statues from a distance, but they were actually just men with white clothing and facepaint. This little feature made a few cameras pop out once again. Anyways,just outside the building we drew the landscape we could see before us. But we had a little challenge as well… here’s what we had to do:

  • We were not allowed to take our pencils off the paper
  • We had to stop after a 5 minute time limit

The challenge, rather than making the work look scruffy and hurried, actually came out with pretty good drawings. As we were not allowed to take our pencils off the paper, we could not afford to make any mistakes!

The next day was a sad day and a happy day rolled into one. The sad part was that we were leaving Paris, but the good part was that we were going back to England to see our friends (some of year 5 and 6 did not go) and our families again.

So off we went on the Eurostar back to England. And that, readers, is the end of the story.

By Robin (Y6)

We are very pleased to have just been awarded a

Silver Artsmark Award!

To quote from the Arts Council’s accompanying letter:

Arts Council England’s Artsmark award recognises schools that demonstrate a commitment to providing opportunities across all artformsfrom drama to music, design to literature, dance to sculpture. The scheme also encourages schools to work in partnership with artists and arts organisations.

Our latest Art project is developing our new sculpture garden area in collaboration with Hebe Veasey and Steed Doe.

Young Art East Anglia



We are pleased to announce that out of an entry of over 1000

pictures the following pupils work has been chosen to be exhibited at the

Peter Pears Gallery Aldeburgh

March 12 th 6-8pm

March 13 th 10-4pm

March 14 th 10-4pm


Alistair Bathgate

Jacob Bathgate

Victoria Beresford

Joe Cook

Sam Elias

Kate Hall-Wright

Alexander Haywood Smith

Andrew Keep

Alana McEwan

Ben Newman

Amber Thurkettle

Christian Woolf

In 2002 we won a National Artworks Award! Award

Click here to read about it!

One week in June, we visited the Musee Picasso, Paris, Montmartre and Giverny as part of a commitment to ensuring that all Year 5-6 pupils take part in regular visual arts trips.

The visit was an intensive experience, during which children responded by sketching, recording, discussing and writing in order to gather ideas, information and impressions.

Back at school we developed collaborative and individual large-scale art works inspired by our study visit.